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Vanessa Block

In my own words-

“How did I end up working in the outdoor industry? We didn’t have cable. That is where it all started. I grew up in a house of very eco-conscious parents who did not believe in excessive TV, preservatives or waste. We recycled everything, reused what we couldn’t recycle, ate organic whenever possible and had a high level of social and environmental awareness. We were outside whenever possible and that gave me a love of the outdoors and a strong determination to want to protect it.

I spent summers wandering through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota, finding all the beauty and wildness I could ever want. Traveling quite a bit as a wee one gave me the wander lust that serves well in the road position I have now. I attended school for photography, and moved to Hawaii and then Alaska, in search of the United States' last bit of wilderness.

I am in this industry because it speaks to my personal values and vision, about awareness, protection and true adventure. I work with this company for the same reasons. I have to believe in what I do, love what I do and passionately embrace and fight for those qualities. I love the mountains and streams, rivers and steep peaks, music and friends around a campfire, a good cold beer after a long day outside, and the hard work it takes to educate people on how to enjoy the elements, and protect the nature we love. I can’t think of a better way to work than this.”

Principle Rep and mama-

Vanessa serves as main liaison between vendor and dealer and contact for line acquisition and crisis management. Vanessa is in charge of company forecasting and goal setting as well as active selling of all represented lines. She oversees and executes special event planning (i.e. expos, store events, SWAPs), ad creation, website and blog content, scheduling for clinics and trade shows, email blasts. She prepares proposals for co-op budget and works on , special store promotions/events! She is the clinicing rep for ND, SD, IA and is the main contact for order entry, shipping/cancellations/order adjustments, co-op partnering, fixturing, and anything order related! While not chasing after 3 boys, Vanessa loves ice climbing, skiing, hiking, and SUPing!