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Adel, Iowa

Sydney Westrate

Favorite Activity?
Triathlon! I also enjoy yoga, climbing at our local indoor wall, and staying active with my kids.

Favorite local spot?
Open water swimming in Lake Michigan, climbing at Vertical Endeavors-Glendale Heights, and running the Orange Loop at Palos!

Sports Accreditation?
CWI (Climbing Wall Instructor) from CWA (Climbing Wall Association), CPR/First Aid Instructor (American Red Cross), and swimming instructor.

Career Highlights?
I manage a collegiate rec center and have the privilege, everyday, to promote, encourage, and facilitate physical activity and a lifestyle of wellness. One highlight, along the way, was starting to climb after years of managing our climbing wall without ever climbing! Within a year, I climbed my first 5.10, got some gear, and purchased a membership to our local climbing wall.

Proudest athletic moment/single accomplishment?
Ironman Wisconsin in 2014!

Dream Trip?
Destination half-marathon in Phuket, Thailand! But if I had to stay in the continental US, Yosemite National Park with my family.

Best thing about being an AAO Ambassador Athlete?
I enjoy representing fantastic brands. Nearly every work day (for at least three seasons), I am in Marmot Lobo pants. They are hands down the best piece of clothing in my closet! Skratch products are my favorite supplement for triathlons!

Fun fact about yourself?
In my spare time, I turn race and sports t-shirts into quilts.

Favorite musician?
Among the present:  U2 & Coldplay. Among the past:  Bach & Palestrina.

Where can we find you on the internet?
Facebook and Instagram.