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Sarah Chelstrom

Sarah Chelstrom

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In my own words...

"Growing up in Minnesota I spent 99% of my time in the outdoors; playing games with the neighborhood kids, at the park, at the creek down the road, biking, or walking around in the woods.  It was not until college that I got into outdoor recreation and education as a career. Majoring in Recreation, Parks and Leisure studies my world became open to an aspect of the outdoors I had not seen. I worked for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Outdoor Adventure, starting my career in outdoor recreation. I was hooked! Since then I have had many life changing adventures including living in the Boundary Waters, being a ski bum in Utah and climbing as many mountains as I possibly could in Oregon.  Extended trips changed the way I viewed the world, enhancing my love for the outdoors and also increasing my desire to protect it.

Reaching younger generations and creating a love for the outdoors has helped impact what may happen to our outdoor spaces in the future. I have worked with youth in many jobs since college, and have been proud to help get our future generations into the outdoors and open their eyes to nature and adventure, and inspire them to step away from technology!

I continue to get into the outdoors as much as I can. I am always with my partner in crime, Rey, my mini Australian Sheppard, who climbed her first mountain when she was 9 months old (Actually she ran circles around me). Since then she has climbed 7 mountains and has become the best mountain biking dog ever!

I am grateful to be part of the AAO team to continue to impact the outdoor industry. "

Sarah joins AAO as a tech rep in the Minnesota area and beyond. She is an integral part of the customer service team and she may be calling you soon to make sure you are well taken care of!