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The Ride

Ted Ehrlich is a backpacker and climber that contributes to TrailGroove Magazine. More of his work can be seen on his blog Mtn Nut.


Monument Valley - The Ride

Why do we obsess about the destination? We hyperfocus on the goal, the trip at the end of the road, the special place that needed a special permit reserved six months in advance by the luck of a lottery draw. The plane tickets, the hotel reservations, the airport parking shuttle. It seems that we can sometimes forget the adventure and freedom of the road, forget what it’s like to explore the world in person. Living out of a car for a long road trip should be a rite of passage for Americans, young and old. Our country is so vast, one trip will never be enough, igniting fervor inside for a journey through the nation.

Agathla Peak - The Ride

As winter slowly passes and spring and summer blossoms, my mind ignites with the desire to visit the desert. The idea of sleeping in my car under a raw sky is far better than staying in the comforts of home; it seems almost insane not to go. Arming myself with guidebooks, topo and road maps, bits of research from far too much day dreaming at work, a bag of gear, a reliable hatchback, and no itinerary. A ramble though the southwest is calling out. “Make each day a new horizon” would be the only law to abide by while searching for peace.

Under the Stars - The Ride

Spring in the desert is proof that life can be beautiful and harsh at the same time. Where vastness is comforting and water has a new appreciation. Where red sand can get places that you didn’t even know existed, and a week without a shower is commonplace. Get dirty and explore, not the destination, but the ride.

Canyonlands - The Ride


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Osprey Returns to Electric Forest!

279006_196059957109383_164008423647870_471059_3328831_oThe Sherwood Forest is calling our name…and we are ready to return!

When asked to describe the Forest, it’s difficult to find the right words. Those who have participated in the experience that is Electric Forest understand the life-changing event June 26th-29th in the tiny community of Rothbury, Michigan.

A rural town of 400 quickly becomes a buzzing “city” of 30,000 when people from all over the world come together for a weekend of live music performances and life-size art installations set in the depths of the woods amid the trees, which are lit up with an electric, glowing light once night falls. Need we explain why we’ve decided to  return?

Here are a few of the unique activities that you will only find at the Osprey Packs tent — so don’t forget to stop by! And remember: BIRD IS THE WORD!


  • Electrology: Haven’t heard of it? Well it is just one more way to win one of our limited edition FlapJack Packs! Thats right, show us how you are sustainable throughout the weekend and you may have a chance to win a pack!14_ElectricForest_FB_403x403_WinAPack
  • Free onsite sizing and fittings: Visit the Osprey Packs Electric Team at the Osprey booth to answer all product questions you may have and don’t forget to be fitted by our Fit Gurus!
  • 20% off sale with Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus: We’ve done it again! We are teaming up with fantastic local Osprey retailer Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus to offer an array of Osprey Packs at a killer 20% off.
  • Daily Pack Giveaways: Take our three-minute Electric Forest Festival event survey and automatically be entered win a new Osprey Pack — this year we are giving away our Limited Edition FlapJack Pack, you are not going to want to miss out!
  • All sorts of Festival giveaways including: We are no Giving Tree but the closest you will get as we provide FREE Joshua Tree Electric Forest Rum and Pina Colada lip balms with SPF 18 to keep your mouths happy & smiling at the festival, Osprey Eco Coozies to keep your festival beverages cold and to show your pride we’ve got your Osprey Packs stickers!
  • 20% off Select Packs in our Booth- You thirsty? Have too much to carry? Stop by the booth to check out our premiere Festy Packs: we’re offering 20% off in celebration of Electric Forest! You won’t find a better time to join the Osprey movement so don’t delay and come check them out!
  • Electric Forest Ultimate Camp Contest: Contestant submits their ultimate camp plans online for the best campsite infrastructure. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen to build their campsite in various premium locations spread throughout the campgrounds. The best camp infrastructure wins a performance by an Electric Forest provided artist in their campsite, Osprey Packs and other various prizes. Full details here!

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#WhatsInYourFestyPack: Festy Pack Essentials

Crystal Henson is our #WhatsInYourFestyPack winner who will receive two GA tickets to this year’s Electric Forest as well as two customized Ospreys to carry her Festy Pack Essentials! Here are a few words of wisdom from Crystal, for those of you attending Electric Forest or any Festival for that matter. 


My festy pack embraces the sustainability practices encouraged by Electrology, and three years of first-hand experience at Electric Forest. My festy pack is an Osprey Sirrus 24 and contains around 83 items.


Think About Your Purchases: I do my best to reuse or upcycle existing “stuff” whenever possible and extra packing materials is removed ahead of time and recycled. My Eno Double Nest Hammock has now survived three Forests, and all of my blankets, sarongs and clothing items are either gifts or garage sale finds. I use a Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite as a lightweight shield for cold nights. Since the Giving Tree has seriously saved my @ss year after year, I’m planning to bring of basket of both essential items (earplugs, duct tape, socks, canvas bags, tarps, towels, sunglasses, TP, etc.) and some handmade items (hair jewelry, friendship bracelets, and brownies).

Bring The Basics: my eco Lunch Box, spork, thermos (with hidden stash area in the base!), and Platypus water bladder have lasted over four years without fail and offers a healthy, cost-effective alternative to standard festy food. Even though I don’t smoke, I bring a tin to collect the cigarette butts of my neighbors, trash bags, and microfiber cloths to help keep the venue clean. Hygiene-wise, I follow the same routine as I would while camping with refillable containers. My go-to products: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Hand Sanitizing Spray, Baby Powder, Neosporin + Band-Aids, Burts Bees Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Biodegradable Baby Wipes, Bug Spray, Toothpaste.

Pool Your Resources: Since Electric Forest is the only time of year that I can meet up with friends that fly in from all corners of the globe, everything in my festy pack is designed to be shared. My group usually meets the day before the festival for a grocery run (+20 organic food items per person for Conscious Alliance!) and an inventory review. I usually contribute a box o’ LED bling, including a few dozen Glow Eco-Light Sticks (each lasts as long as 1,250 chemical light sticks!), and a solar charging station for cell phones. Everyone in my camp usually uploads all of their photos after the festival so we can share the memories. When technology fails, I use the tried-and-true festy messaging system of leaving an upcycled canvas flags, clothespins and a sharpie at a predetermined meeting location to communicate “stuff.”

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SCARPA Athlete Updates

Once a month, we will be keeping you posted on SCARPA athletes goings-on, whether they’re breaking new records, winning wild races, or are just out there having fun. May 30 – Scott Simmons completed the fastest ascent of Mount Hood in 1:26:28. Keep up with Scott on his blog. June 6 – Alex Puccio came [...]

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Results of a Failed Freerider Attempt

SCARPA employee Artley Goodhart took a week off and headed to Yosemite to finally try the climb he’s been dreaming about for years: El Capitan’s Freerider. But what happens when you don’t achieve your goal? Recently I attempted a project on El Capitan in Yosemite that I’ve been eyeing for years. After training for six [...]

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