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Have a question about gear or technology? Looking to be a dealer for one of the fine companies we represent? Need a new Skratch cocktail recipe for Friday night? We are here! 

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Adel, Iowa


Mission Statement

Ames Adventure Outfitters strives to be the most innovative, efficient, productive and successful independent manufacturer’s representative agency of premiere outdoor lines in the Midwest Territory.  With marked emphasis on relationship based selling, or “gear counseling”, AAO conducts all business interactions with the highest level of integrity and distinct code of business and personal ethics. AAO strives to be an industry leader in sales profitability, revolutionary sales and marketing initiatives, and grass roots campaigns.

As indigenous Midwesterners, we know our target demographic and the nuances and pitfalls of our unique market and have the experience and educated understanding to approach and conquer these challenges. AAO also personally rigorously tests all products represented to ensure the highest level of line offering.