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Adel, Iowa

Meridian Line


Off work at five on Friday, then your'e a bullet to the outskirts as you fire past the billboards and drive-throughs. The window rolls down and in wafts that sweet fragrance they can't put in a bottle and should really stop trying to. The miles race by and you can see the stars again. "Hello old friends." You lie down on the earth and hear the blue heartbeat of the planet, and all is right again. As the embers fade to orange and the last story is told, you fall asleep to the rhythm only found right here, in nature. Tomorrow isn't going to be great, it's going to be legendary. We know the feeling. 

We're Not a Brand

What do you mean? Of course you are a brand. You have a label, and a logo, and a store. Well, our founder Jeremy Collins prefers to think of us as a story, or a conversation. He has been telling stories for the last two decades while travelling the world having adventures, making art, getting lost, and occasionally found. Now Jeremy's stories are being told through Meridian Line™, the not-a-brand-brand.

What is a Meridian Line? I'm so glad you asked. Keep reading before you google it- a Meridian Line is both a line of longitude on the globe connecting the north and south poles, or the paths of energy found in the body. Either way, it fits us perfectly. I think you'll find our shirts fit you perfectly as well. If not, let us know. We're a conversation, not a brand.

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