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Adel, Iowa

Kari Gibbons


It all started when...

Favorite local spot and activity?
I am in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis almost daily!  I love running the single track in the summer and skiing here in the winter.  This place feels like home!  I am also a frequent visitor of Afton and Jay Cooke State Parks for hiking, swimming or running. 
Career highlights?
Finishing the Tuscobia 160, Arrowhead 135, and Actif Epica in a single season, entering the Order of the Hrimthurs (the second woman to do so!).  I’ve finished the Superior 100 ultra marathon twice, the Arrowhead 135 twice, and recently finished the Black Hills 100 in South Dakota!
Dream trip? 
I have an inappropriate amount of dream trips, so here's three:  Going to the Iditarod Trail Invitational is my number one, like a lovely winter camping vacation but with cut offs!  Moab 200 in Utah, because it’s 200 miles and that has to be fun!  Lastly, ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to bike the Lewis and Clark trail from start to finish, no racing, just a long trip out west on my bike pretending to see antelope for the first time.
Best thing about being an AAO Ambassador Athlete? 
I hope to be able to inspire people to try the Big things, especially women.  Exploring, adventuring, and participating in these events is not impossible, and they give SO much back.  I would like to be an access point for someone, anyone who wants to try it!
Proudest athletic moment/single accomplishment?
Finishing my first 100 miler on the Superior hiking trail.  This opened a door for me, and pushed Impossible far away!
Fun fact about yourself? 
I am an artist!  I love to paint and draw the natural world.  I am also learning how to juggle, with the intention of “joggling” a 5k someday… because why not! 
Favorite musician? 
I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for, but I love strong lady music, Ani Difranco, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj.