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John Anderson

John Anderson

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a bit more info about me...

Favorite local spot and activity? “Local” would be Pictured rocks but more than willing to always travel to rock, ice or mountains.
Career highlights?  My Career highlights are twice climbing Denali in Alaska, summiting Mount Rainier with a carry over and a summit crater camp, and completing the Upper Exum Ridge on the Grand Teton, car to car in a day as a party of three.
Sport accreditations?  In the past, I held AMGA, PCGA, and CWA certifications.
Dream trip?  I’m heading to Mount Everest in the spring of 2017, I’m making the dream come true.
Best thing about being an AAO Ambassador Athlete? Trying the new gear and then talking to people about it.
Proudest athletic moment/single accomplishment?  To help inspire people to get out, have adventures and explore.
Fun fact about yourself? I brew my own beer and have ability to laugh at almost anything.
Favorite musician?  Current favorite musician would be the Interrupters with their song take back the power. But I really enjoy a very wide range of music such as Garth Brooks, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Greenday, and Lily Allen