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Adel, Iowa

Jessica Milnes

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Favorite Activity?
Depends on time of year, but lately, I've been really excited about SUP, on flat water, down-winding, and white water.

Favorite local spot?
It's a secret...but basically anything remote and beautiful.

Sports Accreditation?
Does high school count? :)

Career Highlights?
Once I took a guys blood pressure and he offered to give me a chicken.

Proudest athletic moment/single accomplishment?
Recently completed a multi-sport race that included alpine and skate skiing, cycling, running, and paddling. Felt really good to piece together so many sports during some epic weather!

Dream Trip?
Paddling, diving, and climbing with some great hikes and yummy fruit like mango!

Best thing about being an AAO Ambassador Athlete?
Being part of the family.

Fun fact about yourself?
I didn't live anywhere longer than 5 months for about 8 years.

Favorite musician?
Depends on the mood, fun upbeat, good instruments...a variety!

Where can we find you on the internet?
Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.