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Jake Bradley



Favorite local spot and activity? Besides stuffing my face at our local cantina? I’d probably have to say just exploring the outdoors whether that be running on the local greenways trail with my pup or packing up for the weekend and going camping with my girlfriend and friends. Other times you can find me on a trail; riding, running, or helping out with our local mtn bike club!

Activities: Mtn biking, ultra running, climbing, snowboarding, wake boarding, and shredding the gnar!!!


Career highlights? I’m a lineman, every day is a High-Light! Two Arkansas junior state championships, junior male racer of the year, and being able to continue doing what I love still today. That is a true highlight! director/promoter for one of the largest mtn bike races in the mid west (BT Epic).


Sport accreditations?         Vice President of “MORC” our local mtn bike club. First Aid and CPR certified. Past product tester.                    

 Dream trip?           Running and riding in New Zealand


Best thing about being an AAO Ambassador Athlete?          Getting to share the things I love with like minded individuals. Also, getting to promote amazing products with people everywhere.


Proudest athletic moment/single accomplishment?   Being awarded “Junior Male Racer of the Year” for the state of Arkansas in 2004!


Fun fact about yourself?   I can basically quote the whole movie “Out Cold”


             Favorite musician?          

Dave Mathews


Athlete Bio:

            Well, I guess it truly started when I was really young.  Having separated parents was kind of like a blessing in disguise for me. At a really young age I was fortunate to get to travel a lot, while going to the lake, riding my bike, and going camping with one side. Then with the other side, I was able to fly across the country, starting at the age of 5, where I got to ski, hike, and explore the mountains. These are all still activities that I enjoy today.

            Growing up, I played organized sports, which taught me a lot in terms of discipline, drive, and that I loved a little competition! I was in junior high when I first took up mountain biking. I started racing about the age of 13, and by the age of 15, I had been successful enough to receive a sponsorship and job from a local bike shop. With one undefeated season, a state championship, and many podium finishes in both downhill and cross country, you could say I was racing “a lot.” By the time I graduated, I had become a little burnt out and wouldn't see much racing or cycling in general for a few years. I was still loving anything to do with the outdoors you could still find me doing something outside all the time.

            After my so called “break” was over I really started to find what I had been missing the whole time. I began to get back into cycling pretty heavily, and I found a love for running, as well! Small races in both sports here and there, but mostly just adventuring across the country more than anything. During this time, I got involved with putting on races, specifically one big race that now sells out to almost 500 mtn bikers, which is called the BT Epic.

            Today, the BT Epic 50 mile mtn bike race is one of my top priorities. With selling out to almost 500 racers in just a few short days, you could say I'm pretty proud of it! Promoting this race with one of my best friends, who started the BT Epic 9 years ago, makes it even that much better. If it’s something you haven't heard of, you should definitely check it out. We have grown it to attract racers from across the country and we host one of the best award ceremony/after parties around. We consider the whole thing “for racers, by racers” and we live by that motto!

             While promoting and putting on races is a passoion of mine, it was important to me to not lose track of my own hobbies. In 2012, a friend of mine told me about a race series that incorporated the Leadville 100 mtn bike event. Immediately, I was interested. He then also informed me there was a 100 mile run, too. If you are unfamiliar with this series, Leadman is a series of races over the summer in Leadville, CO. You must complete a trail marathon, 50 mile run or ride, 100 mile mtn bike, a 10k run, and a 100 mile run all under the allowed cutoff times. If you can do this, you will forever be a Leadman/Leadwoman. I figured I’d try it out. My first attempt at the Leadman series was in 2013. That one was cut short when I missed the cutoff time at the finish line of the 100 mile mtn bike by just under 15 minutes.  My second try came in 2015, when I decided I was going to give it my everything! While I made it to the final event, which is the Leadville 100 run, I had to pull myself from the course at mile 83 due to a knee problem I had been dealing with all day. This year I am headed back to Leadville! My 2016 plans will be similar to previous attempts, but a lot different as well. For starters, I will be more disciplined, dedicated, and more experienced all around!


The schedule this far for the 2017 season go as follows:

 March 11 Land Run 100 gravel race, June 17 Leadville Marathon, July 8 Silver Rush 50 Mtn Bike, August 12 Leadville 100 Mtn Bike, August 13 Leadville 10k Run, August 19 Leadville 100 Trail Run. There is a high possibility of some additional training races being thrown in here and there.