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Brian Block

Founding Rep of AAO; AAO Consultant

Brian created AAO over 16 years ago with the belief that he would revolutionize the repping industry through hard work, a strong business model and a stronger team- with great success. He has recently taken a US Sports Division Sales Manager for Petzl, but continues to work with the team as a consultant, advocate and event participant. He has a very strong connection and desire to see AAO’s continued success and, being married to Vanessa, makes the transition and consultation a bit easier. He has been able to join the team more since joining with Petzl and we look forward to seeing him more on the road, at events and in the mix with AAO. Brian completed his 7 summits in February of 2013 and continues pursue his love of alpinism, along with several other outdoor pursuits and wrangling our growing family! 

*Brian is in the green jacket and marmot hat above!