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AAO Ambassador Team

am·bas·sa·dor <amˈbasədər/>     noun

  1.  a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

    • "he is a good ambassador for the industry"

      synonyms: representative, promoter, champion, supporter, backer


Welcome to the AAO Ambassador Athlete and Advocate Team page! Our ambassadors are best in class athletes who we have met and are often based in the Midwest, but use the world as their playground. These athletes and advocates are practicing their extreme arts and using their talents through social media, performance and association to further expose and discuss the great brands to which we have aligned ourselves. 

Please scroll through our Athlete profiles. If there is a team member you would like to have come and speak at your event, please let us know and we will get you in contact with that person! These members are also available to help support events, comps and more! They can teach classes, speak about trips or use their knowledge of gear to help in any way they can. Reach out to AAO today for more info!